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Yes, you need a special Sign Permit to erect or install a Sign in Hawaii, except in a certain narrow circumstance. Sign codes vary somewhat between Hawaii Counties but review and wait times also vary considerably. Other requirements may also be required such as SMA or Flood Zone Assessments.

Most commercial signs require a sign permit from the local authority and there are a few exceptions. Sign codes vary somewhat between Hawaii’s island counties, but most are consistent in the areas of business ID signs on buildings, monuments, and pylons. If you have a concern, call, and speak to one of our trained staff. We are very experienced in filing and obtaining Sign permits of all types in all island jurisdictions. In Maui County alone we obtain somewhere north of 200 Sign Permits per year along with CSP’s, SMA’s, and Variances. 

Sign Variance

A special hearing usually in front of the Urban Design Review Board when an entity seeks to have larger or different types of signage than that normally allowed by County Sign Codes. We have been able to successfully conclude several major Variances in Maui County including the Maui Ocean Center, Maui Harbor Shops, Sports Authority, Maui Mall and Kehalani Shopping Center. 

Special Management Area (SMA)

A Special Assessment occasionally required where there are zoning conflicts, shorelines, flood zones or archaeological zones that may be disturbed by installation of signage. We are very experienced at writing and submitting these documents for review as part of a sign permit process.

All multi-tenant buildings in Maui County are required to have a Comprehensive Sign Plan (CSP) Approved and on file with the Planning Dept. This is a graphic Standards Manual for the Landlord and his building that explicitly lays out in detail what kind and size of signs are permitted on the building. The County reviews the CSP Application for conformity to County Sign codes before approving. We are specialists in writing these plans and obtaining Approvals with minimal review. 

Complete soup to nuts Design, Permit and Build Service, including all Permits/SMA/Variance requirements. We handle all groundwork including excavation, concrete and foundation work, masonry and rock walls, Sign fabrication and installation. Monument signs are ground-based installations that have either a masonry or sheet metal skirt mounted to a cement foundation and may be illuminated or non-illuminated. A common means of identifying a shopping mall, Resort, Major Retailer, Car Dealer, Fast Food outlet or Service Provider like Gas Stations. A similar ground sign may be described as a “Pylon” Sign that is mounted to a vertical pole support. 

A less costly way to make illuminated Signs than Channel Letters (usually). Full fabrication of Back-lit Cabinet type Signs plus LED window signs. All Aluminum Cabinets or “box” with extruded chassis and retainers plus specialty LED lighting systems. All faces custom made to fit cabinets with in-house large format printing to accommodate any graphic design file. Custom LED illuminated Window “Neon” look-alike signage that i safe and maintenance free. 

We act as a Subcontractor for local and mainland Sign Companies, assisting with Surveys, Consulting, Permit Acquisition, Fabricating, Installing and Service. Please contact us for Wholesale Services Rates. 

All Signs require some maintenance to get the maximum life out of the investment but particularly Electric Signs require occasional repairs or upgrades. Older Electric Signs eventually need retrofits from Neon to LED or various lamp replacement. 

Americans with Disabilities Act. A Federal Regulation with a Sign provision that requires specialty signage accommodating people who are visually impaired or legally blind. Utilizing a combination of Braille and Tactile elements, signs can be custom made to fit your public areas and room identification needs. We are Certified ADA Sign Fabricators and Consultants. A wide range of Rotary and Laser engraving techniques along with Photopolymer technology is available to provide attractive ADA Signage to match your interior decor and national branding. 

There are legal consequences for not having up to date ADA Signage. Call for an analysis of your current situation and needs. 

Pacific Sign & Design fabricates complete Channel Letter sets at our Maui location using the latest CNC technology. We are the only Sign Company that fabricates in house in the outer islands and our channel Bending Machine is the only one of its kind in Hawaii. All letters are illuminated with top brands of LED and supporting technology. Depths vary between 1″-8″ hence the “channel” description. Letters may be front face lit or “halo” or a combination of both. Other styles are available and can be custom made to suit any desired “look”. 

From concept to installation we offer both custom services plus fabrication of national brand logos and letters. Rush Orders and Wholesale Services available upon request. 

There is nothing we cannot make. You dream it, we can make it.

Dimensional letters are machine or laser cut from a variety of materials and can vary in thickness from 1/16″ to several inches thick. Not illuminated but Dimensional letters can be indirectly illuminated from a strip or flood lit source. Usually referred to as FCO (Flat Cut Out) Letters these can be made from several materials including Metal, Wood, Acrylic, and PVC. Letters can be finished in a variety of colors and pin or glue mounted to surface of sign or building. 

An attractive “Old School” type of sign consisting of a custom-made redwood panel with raised copy and graphics with the background sandblasted away to a certain depth to expose the contours of the grain of the wood. Painted and/or varnished finish with a variety of effects including Gold, Silver, or Copper Leaf. 

Promotional Signs can be printed or lettered on a special banner fabric (designed to withstand wind loads) or other lightweight materials for window or interior applications. Outdoor Banners require a special Banner Permit in most jurisdictions with restrictions on length of display time. 

The ultimate “Old School” technique for making signs, banners, and posters. Lettering is executed with Lettering Brushes on a variety of substrates including building, ships, glass, and vehicle bodies. A period look that is currently making a comeback and can be used to create Gold, Silver and Copper Leaf lettering on high end “Boutique” and Historical building applications. 

Our Specialty Vehicle Graphics Department can print and wrap any vehicle with any kind of graphic that is only limited by your imagination teamed with our in-house graphic design team. Vehicle Graphics usually involve either die-cut or printed vinyl lettering and logos being applied to the body of the vehicle. Vehicle “Wraps” is a more recent innovation that covers all or partially the vehicle body with large format printed graphics. 

Fleet Signage and graphics to national standards or local vendors is available.